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Training and consulting services to all individuals and institutes in both the private and public sectors in managerial, technical and educational fields. Also, studies and researches related to human development, personals and team skills for institutes and organizations including :


Curricular Training

Program Training

Curricular Training

The centre provides numerous educational solutions in many academic majors. In addition, training programs that enables the students and trainees in achieving highest levels in academic attainment.

The center supports providing educational courses in international languages which include all levels and deferent ages. Also, training courses that enable trainees to acquire languages easily and effectively with special preparations for international exams in the field of the trainee.

The languages include:

English – French – Italian – German – Spanish

Program training

The centre provides a variety of custom built training programs the fulfills the needs of clients through designing high quality courses and workshops for development.


The centre provides high accuracy consultations through a distinguished team of consultants and experts in various aspects such as creating and developing structure charts, creating and evaluating training plans and programs according to modern strategies and developing instiutes and companies

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