About us Edah

EDAH Training Center

A training and development centre that provides professional and consulting services to all its clients in the best way in educational attainment to enable them to advance toward scientific progress using the most professional consultants and trainers who are well-known for scientific and educational proficiency.
The Centre was established in Tripoli, Libya in March 2015, as one of the most important principles of the Centre is to consolidate the foundations of scientific progress and develop it and create promising generations of creative and distinguished people. It was founded by young arms and pure Libyan staff under an outstanding management team. Edah centre is located in the centre of Tripoli. It is very close to all vital centres, state institutions, youth institutions, universities and higher and intermediate institutes.

Our mission

Developing vocational education for our clients and the workforce using modern methods from a futuristic perspective, as well as economic and social promotion.

Our Vision

Consistent outstanding entrepreneurship and creative ideas in training developing and consulting.

Our message

Providing effective professional training with an enthusiastic motivational spirit using creative flexible solutions that inspire our clients.

EDAH Center For Training Developing And Counseling ...

Centre facilities

The centre provides full responsibility, educational environment in an atmosphere of dedication and open civilized communication for all our clients. The center excels at having the highest standards and modern facilities which include the following:

  • Interactive smart boards
  • An area of 2500 M2
  • High quality lecture halls and classrooms equipped with modern furniture and computers
  • Strategic location of the centre which enables convenient access
  • Free high speed WI-FI connection
  • Central AC in the entire building
  • High quality lighting
  • Café capacity of 100 clients
  • Photocopy shop with up-to-date photocopy machines
  • Parking lots around the centre
  • Advanced fingerprint attendance database to check-in and out the trainees and employees

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